Friday, March 23, 2007

Singapore Seeks New Sand Supply
BBC News, Singapore


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Awat senyap aja Tok. Kalau sayang Melayu, tak kira boss lama pun, kena tibai kalau tak betul...

Bumi Companies Capable Of Competing On Merit, Says Musa Hitam

JOHOR BAHARU, March 22 (Bernama)-- Former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam said that Bumiputera businessmen were capable of competing on the basis of merit for contracts in the market.

Musa, who is also a member of the advisory council for the Iskandar Development Region Board, said the present situation was very different with many Bumiputera companies capable of competing in a healthy and transparent manner.

The time has come for the Malays to conduct a study on this (the policy of offering special privileges to Bumiputera companies), he told reporters after launching the book, "The Reluctant Politician. Tun Dr Ismail And His Time" at Danga Bay, here Thursday.

If in the past there was the "Ali Baba" concept which referred to Bumiputera companies selling their contracts to non-Bumiputera companies, the situation now is that both the non-Bumiputera and Bumiputera companies are working together on a merit basis, he said.

"Where there were "sleeping partners" in the past, today they are partners equally capable of carrying out the projects," Musa said.

He said this when asked to comment on his statement to the Bloomberg news agency yesterday, where he had called on the government to review the policy of giving special privileges to Bumiputera companies for projects under the Iskandar Development Region.

In the interview, Musa said that reviewing the policy would help the government attract foreign investments into IDR.

He said that the presence of capable Bumiputera companies would also attract foreign companies to invest in the project.

The former minister also said that he had requested for a list of really competitive and capable Bumiputera companies to be involved in the IDR.

"We would look at their past achievements," he said.

Asked if his suggestion had received opposition from Umno leaders, more so from Johor, the stronghold of Umno, Musa said that a meeting between the state leaders and federal leaders should be held to discuss the matter.

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Tengok lagi lancang Tun Musa. Dah ingat title Tun dah tak boleh di tegur ....

The Star Online Friday March 23, 2007

Musa: Brief Umno on why it has to give up NEP


JOHOR BARU: Umno should have a special briefing to explain to its members why it was time to give up the New Economic Policy (NEP) for the success of the Iskandar Development Region (IDR).

Iskandar Development Region Authority (IRDA) advisory council member Tun Musa Hitam who proposed this also volunteered to be one of the speakers at the briefing.

He said that there were already hundreds of Malays who had the capability to do business and on merit.

As someone who had been active in Umno for several decades, Musa said, he realised that there was a need to have a change in mindset to draw investors to the country.

“The briefing should explain what the IDR is, its implications to the country and to the Malays,” he said during a press conference at Danga Bay after the book launch of The Reluctant Politician: Tun Dr Ismail and His Time.

In the last few decades of the NEP, the country used to have an Ali Baba way of doing business where Ali would give his name and Baba would do all the work.

“As time went on, Ali and Baba became equal and Ali was able to deliver as much as Baba. Now, there are even Alis who are using the Babas not as sleeping partners but as equals,” he quipped.

Musa also said that foreign investors who came to the country were not interested in the NEP, cronyism or nepotism as their primary focus was on making money.

He suggested that instead of imposing conditional approvals, a more palatable method would be to provide potential foreign and local investors with a list of Malay entrepreneurs who were capable of doing business and leaving it the investors to decide.

Musa said that he had already asked for a computerised master list of all Malay entrepreneurs to be drawn up and the list would include their current grades as well as their past performance and track record which would be made available to any investor.

“The IDR is an opportunity to demonstrate that we have arrived and we are able to do this,” he said.

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say, who got the Penang Bridge II?
uem is the sub-con tau
PFI i think is the word

but now the arabs are
carrying yen
instead of dollars
let us have the dinars islam

kamu nampak apa yang aku
nampak, Tun musa?

Di mana kompleks masjid nya?


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sila baca puisi yang saya baru poskan tadi. baca betul-betul dan baca berkali-kali. pasti sdra akan faham maksud dan sasarannya!!


anda setuju bersama bila para pejuang di hujung benua bangkit menggempur si dagang luar?