Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Paradigm Shift
By Major Papers?

Datuk, you and the rest of the bloggers must accept the fact that the people in power is begining to fear bloggers and what they can do!!!

In a very near future, you may be able to observe the paradigm shift to be taken by Chief Editors (CEs) of major papers. The shift to include “no-hide” attitudes when reporting.

Most of the CEs (CEOs too) of major papers realised that their role of disseminating information to the public have been taken over by BLOGGERS! With the internet users increasing to over 11 millions in Malaysia, they feel that their primary function have been taken effectively by bloggers.

The confidence of the public in Bloggers had risen sharply whilst the contemporary mass media is suffering of less readership.

My little bird has whispered to me, of a well-known CE of a major paper is on the brink of giving up due to drastic drop in the readership his and subsidiaries papers!

That is the very reason, I always call upon bloggers to be responsible in their postings. We must educate ourselves to be sincere and truthful in our writings.

Then only will bloggers be respected not only by the rakyat but the government! Your voices will be heard! Salam. - LAMANDAU


Amiruddin Azlan said...

bloggers kini mula menggantikan peranan yang sepatutnya dilakukan oleh media arus perdana...iaitu mendidik rakyat dan mengupas isu2 yg dekat dengan mereka...berbanding apa yg dilakukan kini oleh media arus perdana (membodoh/melekakan rakyat dengan cerita2 rm 2)

lamandau said...

Sdr amiruddin azlan, betul ckp anda, disamping itu mendidik CEs media arus perdana, bahawa mereka mempunyai 'social responsibilities' bukan hanya untuk memuaskan nafsu political masters aje!!!