Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bloggers Voice Out Opinions
With Care And Responsibility

By Dasa

A blogger, new or seasoned, identified or anonymous, commenting on any public issues in an objective and professional manner will eventually earn respect from others. It is just a matter of time.

As critical views especially the dissenting ones are virtually non-existent in the current mainstream printing and electronic media, bloggers should fully capitalise the power of the Internet to voice out their opinions but with great care and responsibility.

This beloved country deserves a better future to be shared with each of its rakyat. And a much better performance from the leaders who have been elected by the rakyat because of the former’s “inspiring” promises.

This beautiful country also deserves the leaders who can actually lead instead of being unofficially led by some power-hungry and inexperienced persons.

Bloggers, therefore, should continue reminding the leaders of their paramount duty – to serve and protect the rakyat, rain or shine.

Reminding them of the need to be visionary, focus, decisive, independent, effective, trustworthy, hardworking, consistent and humble at all times.

Reminding them that they are fully answerable to the rakyat for their actions or inactions, past and present.

After all, we Malaysians do have short or selective memories and need constant reminders – gentle or harsh.


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