Monday, January 29, 2007

Spektra Dua Tujuh

Aku air
ngalir ke hilir
aman damai
tuju muara
badai segara.

Aku air
menitis ke bibir
peluh siksa
hempas pulas
di belenggu sengsara.

Aku air
hujan dan banjir
apa dan siapa
tumbang ranap
mangsa binasa.

Ruhanie Ahmad
Petaling Jaya
(Utusan Zaman)

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Mika Angel-0 said...




May I know the story behind the sajak, please? Why did you write it and why are you posting it now?

The title is interesting and on the whole makes one recall an Ella's song - Teruja!

I am a bit lost on YB's 'Toyol Code'. Seems, like it is a one way street. I mean we are named those lucky MPs who will step down or will be moved. This is great.

Who are the replacements and what are the odds on the whole or as per individual.

I wouldn't rush, as it is. My dinar's on the General Election somewhere in early 2008 - but! Depending on the monsoons it could be about the third-quarter - a bit early but not later.