Monday, April 02, 2007

Islam Hadhari Will Free Religion
From Terrorism, Says Analyst

By Jackson Sawatan

SINGAPORE, March 31 (Bernama) -- The concept of Islam Hadhari or civilisational Islam will go a long way in helping to relieve the religion from the burdens of being connected with terrorism, an analyst said.

Zaid Hamzah, who is also a consultant with Microsoft Legal & Corporate Affairs, Asia Pacific, said the concept, introduced by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, is a very clear attempt "to re-focus on the progressive value of Islam."

"Islam at this point in our history post-911, the agenda is being driven by a minority. It is the task of the majority to portray Islam in its complete way," he told Bernama in an interview after delivering a talk on "Strategic Technology Thinking in Malaysia and Islam Hadhari as the Re-orientation of the Islamic Worldview" at the Nanyang Technological University here recently.

"In my personal view, if we succeed in getting the message across that Islam is about preserving those key values, that would help moderate the small group whose views on Islam, I think, is distorted," said Zaid, 47, an author and a technology and intellectual property strategist.

Islam Hadhari, he said, focuses on the quest to rejuvenate Islamic civilisation, among others, through science and technology.

"If the world can recognise and accept that, then the narrow agenda that is being pushed by a small group, I hope would be neutralised.

"If the global community, perhaps starting in Malaysia, reach a point when they can recognise this as beneficial not just for the Muslim but the rest of the world, especially post-911, then Islam Hadhari can help change worldviews.

"And I think that's the way to help relieve us of this burden of currently being connected to the issue of terrorism," said Zaid, who is also a former diplomat.

He said it was in the interests of the West and the rest of Asia to support Abdullah's Islam Hadhari concept.

"I wouldn't know if the international community would accept it, but I'm not aware of opposition to Islam Hadhari (at the international level) because what Pak Lah is attempting to do is to remind us that this is the true nature of Islam," he added.


An Observation
By Rocky’s Bru

Hadhari And Terrorism

Terror or Hadhari expert? I tried to forget this piece [above] that I read yesterday but it is impossible to shake off. Perhaps it is the rare analysis on terrorism and Islam that it provides. Or the desperation I sense in the attempt to help prop up Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's Hadhari concept. In any case, I decided that I have to share this with my readers and fellow bloggers - an example of how, in the minds of some people, Islam Hadhari must replace Islam because in these minds Islam is too closely associated with terrorism. The "expert" here is a consultant with Microsoft's Legal and Corporate Affairs.


Mika Angel-0 said...

Datuk Ruhanie

Adapun cerita dari Lompong Pudu yang hanya membaca sedikit kitab kuning bunyinya begini:

Kejahilan Hadhari

Maka adanya, Datuk Ruhanie, datanglah rasul-tuhan baru dan rasul baru ini yang tiada pandai membaca realpolitik - buta tuli.

Berlakunya hal ini diawal zaman Kejahilan Hadhari iaitu dari tahun 2003 masihi.

Maka semua orang yang mahu masuk syurga yang dijanji-janjikan rasul baru ini mesti mengucap
Aku nak saksi bahawa La ilaha illal-Amerika dan 'abdul-ilahil-amerika rasul hadhari.

Kitab tuhannya US Dollar dan Hadithnya Euro dan kiblatnya Washington. Syattahnya: Anti-terrorisma

Nabi dan rasul baru serta sahabat-sahabatnya ini hati mereka khusuq kepada zikir US dollar, US dollar atau Euro, Euro

Dan dalam diri Zaid pendakwah babi buta ini adalah seorang dari para sahabat yang diredahi rasul tuhan baru ini.

Malang sekali, saya Malayu Hadhari dan syahadah saya dua kalimahsyahadah ahlul sunnah wal jamaah. Mereka, yang selain ahlul sunnah waljamaah(yang kenal Islam)
ketaawakan yang jahil saperti saya orang Malayu - Hadhari atau sebaliknya.

A Voice said...

Bila diri dan keluarga dah di pegang amerika, hilang lah perjuangan. Yang tinggal hanyalah klise.

wutever said...

Islam Hadhari: yang ngomongnya lain, yang amalnya lain (itu yang pasti)

Berita dari gunung said...

Lets not forget that Islam Hadhari was the previous election battle cry. AAB won, the battle was over.

So sorry, but so far nobody is able to articulate this well. I mean Islam Hadhari.

Probably it is best to leave Islam Hadhari as the election battle cry without any analysis. Lets go back to what we know about islam.

There are things said in life without any understanding. It doesnt matter.

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