Thursday, May 17, 2007

Joint Committee For IDR
Getting Fierce Comments

Below are comments from two concerned Malaysians in response to my posting on the setting up of a Malaysia-Singapore joint “ministerial committee” for the Iskandar Developmnt Region (IDR) in southern Johore, which was already agreed upon by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad and Lee Hsien Loong, in their informal talks in Langkawi two days ago.

Muhammad Ilham:

“This move is just another in the long line of ridiculous decisions our Pak Lah has taken. Yes, I agree that Singapore can be a good and important player in the development of IDR. But, it doesn't mean that it has to be part of the committee that plans and executes decisions. It's as if Singapore and Malaysia are one country, not two different nations. Bit by bit, our sovereignty is being eroded. I want Singapore to be a major player in IDR, along with other interested nations. But, I want it to be on our terms, not theirs. I want Malaysia to be the sole deciding entity, not share the responsibility with Singapore. Want to relax NEP rules in certain sectors of IDR? I can accept. Indeed, I think it is a forward-thinking move, very progressive. Want to use smart-cards for easy entry? Sure, I can still accept. Again, that move is still acceptable and is very progressive. But to form a ministerial level committee to plan the IDR together, that is simply ridiculous. It is as ridiculous as the suggestion months ago, that people can cross into Malaysia from Singapore without going through any immigration control. Well, they backtracked on that suggestion due to fierce opposition from past leaders and grassroots' sentiments. Let's see if we can make this government backtrack on this proposed ministerial level committee.”


“This is definitely an uncalled for decision. This also strengthens the suspicion that Singapore is having a strong grip on Malaysia for whatever reason(s). I can bet you, we are not getting anything from Singapore in return. Shabery Chik is not competent to give explanation (about this) because he is too junior and ignorant of the interplay of the two nations. What an answer he gave to the Parliament yesterday? May be he thought that all parliamentarians (MPs and Senators) are stupid. Why not he declares on behalf of PM that IDR is exclusively for Singapore only? Day by day stupid decisions are being made by our leaders expecting that the rakyat will swallow them! I have been commenting that the “invisible fingers” of foreigners are slowly, but surely, seen to have influenced our leaders. In no time, will Singapore station its security people as what happened in the water reservoir in Pulai, Johore?”

To access their full comments, please click the link below:

I have nothing else to add. Except that the voices above definitely represent the concerns of majority of the rakyat who choose to remain silent. Hopefully, Abdullah will read these comments and those from other blogs on the same subject matter. After that, please get the best advice on what needs to be done next. – Ruhanie Ahmad

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renegix_01 said...

datuk..why didnt you or others that had some power organize a talk,forum or anyhting bout this thing(WPI)?..mayb a lot of us out there still didnt know bout this!..ok..maybe they know..but they just neglect it due to the unforseen consequences! please act datuk...