Thursday, August 11, 2011

The London riot and human dignity

Ruhanie Ahmad

What is happening in London today should be viewed seriously by all Malaysians, especially Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Ambiga the so-called human rights champions and all organizations linked to Bersih.

Ironically, Anwar and Ambiga are obviously seen to be very lip-tight over this incidence. Why? Isn’t the London riot a reflection of a peaceful protest that went out of control? Isn’t it also shows that a democratic action that went too far will definitely jeopardize the very fabric of democracy?

The British Prime Minster had already ordered the police to act accordingly and firmly. This means, in the name of British public order and national security, the police is being given a very tall order to disperse the rioting and looting.

Hence, it is interesting to know what the Amnesty International will comment about this. The same goes with the various human rights organizations. Are they going to abhor and condemn the police actions in Britain? Or, will they champion the rights of the blacks in the name of democracy, justice and human dignity?

The moral of the story here, therefore, is that Malaysians in the category of Anwar and Ambiga must not use western benchmark to fathom democracy in Malaysia. No doubts it is fully recognized that the Federal Constitution provides for personal liberty and freedom. But, there are specific conditions which limit liberty and freedom in the interest of public order and security.

So, it is everybody’s responsibility to uphold the Federal Constitution which is actually a doctrine of social order of the highest degree in Malaysia. As such, any endeavor for human dignity must be carried out through a dignified and democratic move because it is grossly inappropriate and totally dangerous to take democracy to the street….!


Anonymous said...

What about demostration at Israel where more than 50,000 people turn out in the street to protest peacefully against the policy of Benjamin Nentahu ? No riot,No tear gas from the police.
So what is your comment ?

Govind said...


Ambiga has the freedom of choice. If she thinks Malaysia is not suitable for her, she is free to migrate isn't it? I suggest she goes to London and find out for herself how the blacks and coloured are treated...

Anonymous said...

This Anwar guy just does't care if our country is torn to pieces. He only cares about achieving his ambition to be the PM of Malaysia even if the country ia already torn down by his own doing.

Anonymous said...

I really hate opportunists like DSAI and his Ambiga woman. They are very much older than me so they must show example of how good citizens behave. WHAT A SHAME.

I studied in London, Datuk. I am so familiar with all those places now under fire. I wonder how the Guardian or the Mail NEWSPAPERS treated this latest development. Double-tounge may be. WHAT A SHAME.

My only hope is that such a riot will not happen in KL or anywhere else in Malaysia. So DSAI and Ambiga have to be very careful, the next time you guys want to demo in KL, please remember people like me, millions of them, who hates anarchy but love peace.

Anonymous said...

Our Model of riot resolve is the bestm, and other peolpe should appriciate this while we can.

Ghab said...

That ugly riots , London is burning again .

To some people there , it is a worship of glory in the making of the fire gods to strike and left sculptured of ruins from the burnings .

Riots in London are nothing new . London is a common ground for riots throughout the centuries . There are more than 50 burdensome riots in London's recorded history . It began since the massacre of the Jews at the coronation of Richard I in 1189 . Seven years later in 1196 , the bearded William caused riots when he collaborated and preached for the poor against the rich .

It is hilarious by todays' folk that riots broke out in London in 1319 was because of a loaf of bread . Violence irrupted was also because of the new price of theatre tickets from the so-called Riots Old Price in 1809 , London .

It is believed that Tottenham is the most mishap city . The 1985 riot or being called the Broadwater Farm Riot was because of a death occurred during the operation by police search . As a result , the residents of Tottenham rioted against the Metropolitan Police . Unfortunately , the latest riots , initially in London, following the police shooting of Mark Duggan was also in Tottenham .

Tottenham riots were classic examples of social unrest and that some men are born fallacious and they have to redeem and gain themselves to become worthy .

That make it uglier of these riots , they started with immediate assault without initiating for an unpredictable peaceful protest , thus sickening scenes when rioters started looting , vandalizing , thieving and robbing . It has no parity to the Gordon Riot of 1780 , an anti-Catholic protest then . It was initially a peaceful protest and turned out to be uncontrolled events of violence .

This unrest seems to have no bearing on for social justification and economic as someone claims . Nevertheless , it seems to bear a higher level of anxiety among the British youth in relation to high employment rate of 8.8% in Tottenham . What it means , 54 job seekers for only one vacancy .

Furthermore , It was translated by series of violence irrupted at various spots flames of inferno in London with no specific reason . Yet that been attacked upon were the antiquated buildings of heritage values , cars and many more were apparent and by no mean they were coincidental that the luxury items were burned . It translates the possible gap of the 10% rich is 100 times better off than the poorest .

In the end , the debate of suspicion dominates . Discrimination becomes the hot topic and lead by suspicion of each other . The development of hatred follows . The arguments will be of discriminatory and bigotry in nature . And the negative attitudes toward minority and the majority will continue . Again , the people becomes the
victim of circumstances and further disassociate them from the masses . And that Islam would be engaged and targeted in the agenda of the blaming syndrome .

The killing of 77 people in Norway recently was a situation of an unexpected . No one could hardly believe it would happen . The recorded of zero violence Nation in the world was shamed by the mishap . Unfortunately and initially as referred , Muslim insurgents was to blame .

With much appreciation we thank to our authorities who have managed the recent street demonstration professionally . If not , Kuala Lumpur would be in flames of inferno , bloodshed and death . That would be a black mark in our history . However , the rally led by Bersih has infringed the majority of Malaysian who profess peace and harmony as our developed social norm .

Anonymous said...


I think the general idea is that if there is a lot of masses of people come together, then there will be a situation whereby the control of authority will be reduced or diminished.

I think the dynamics of gathering in London and Malaysia is quite different.

The differences is that in the Bersih gathering is about demand to uplift the democratic practice in this country. The one in London is about anger and justice which triggered due to the shooting of a minority individual in London.

The participants of the riot in London is mostly teenagers managed by few ring leaders. The timing of the riot coincide with school holidays.

There are numerous peaceful gathering in many parts of the world, it would not deem justice to deduct that any peaceful gathering will lead to riot.

Zexx said...

BERSIH 2.0 did informed and requesting police permit while London's riot did not.
That simple and easy,,,
Israeli police let their citizen go and demonstrate 'Anti Netanyahu' on their street without single water canon dropped on their road,,,no tear gas,,,which police and which government is more and truly practising so-called democrasy,,,
Only Wise Man Writes Wisely,,,This is an 'Internet World' Don't just think u are always good and right,,,be rational,,,Fair & Square when writes ,,,