Thursday, August 13, 2009

Berkongsi duka dan luka

Seniman Abdul Muluk Daud @ Dharmala N.S., 62 tahun, kembali ke Rahmatullah 8.30 pagi, 12 Ogos 2009, akibat serangan jantung selepas bersahur pada awal pagi 4 Ogos 2009. Jenazah beliau dikebumikan di kampung halamannya di Negeri Sembilan.

Dharmala menulis dalam semua genre termasuk novel, cerpen, puisi, rencana, skrip drama pentas, televisyen dan filem. Allahyarham merupakan pemenang hadiah sastera nasional 1974 kategori cerpen, sayembara novel Yayasan Sabah Gapena 1979 dan 1981, dan hadiah cerpen Esso-Gapena 1981 dan 1982. Beliau menganggotai jawatankuasa penyelidikan budaya Muzium Negeri Sembilan 1990-2003. Hingga ke akhir hayatnya, beliau memimpin NGO Prima atau Warga Prihatin Malaysia dan mengendalikan dua blog---Suara Prima dan Pustaka Adimul.

Saya kehilangan seorang sahabat. Moga-moga roh Allahyarham akan berada di kalangan orang-orang yang soleh. Al-Fatehah!

Bagaimanapun, penyair Yassinsalleh, kehilangan seorang anak saudara. Di bawah ini Yassin mendedikasikan puisi untuk Allahyarham. -- Ruhanie Ahmad

Berkongsi duka dan luka

Malam ini lagu angin mengulit daun-daun rimbun
bagaikan sengaja mahu menambah nestapaku di dada sarat gundah
bagaikan sengaja
melodinya mempersenda aku fakir kasih yang sedang amat sengsara ini.

Aduhai betapalah ya mampunya aku memujuk pilu yang kian menghimpit
bagaikan ranjau karang menampan angin
menunda buih ke pasir rindu yang tak kesampaian.

Lagu angin yang aku tak mau dengar itu
tetap jua tidak berhenti menggenta sepiku
merancakkan rontaan rinduku yang kian bertambah.

pilu yang singgah
katakanlah esok akan datang seorang gadis
yang hatinya juga sengsara
untuk ku balut lukanya
dan kami akan menutup telinga
bila angin malam bernyanyian di daun-daun rimbun
sambil kami saling berkongsi duka dan luka...

11.38 malam
11 Ogos 2009


Mika Angel-0 said...

Sdr Ruhanie Ahmad,
your copy:

Salam Hormat da Salam Kasih,

(go beyond your perspective stories for dr mahathir)

A poem, YABHG Tun:

Pity the Nation

Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.

Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave, eats a bread it does not harvest, and drinks a wine that flows not from its own wine-press.

Pity the nation that acclaims the bull as hero, and that deems the glittering conqueror bountiful.

Pity the nation that despises a passion in its dream, yet submits in its awakening.

Pity the nation that raises not its voice when it walks in a funeral, boasts not except among its ruins, and will rebel not save when its neck is laid between the sword and the block.

Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox, whose philosopher is a juggler, and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking.

Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpetings and farewells him with hootings, only to welcome another with trumpetings again.

Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years and whose strong men are yet in the cradle.

Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation.

Khalil Gibran
The garden of the Prophet (1934)

The short stories and easy reading:

1. The world sees Muslims differently: Mahesh Bhatt
TNN 15 August 2009, 12:05pm IST

In the wake of Shah Rukh Khan being detained at a US airport for two hours because of his surname, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt says he is Mahesh Bhatt concerned with the paranoia and Islamophobia that has crept in post 9/11.

The world is seeing Muslims differently, he says.

He asks, however, While the US has been very, very severe in scrutinizing people who land into its country, before we shout that this is not done, let us turn the light inwards this Independence Day and ask ourselves how we treat our own minorities. Whether it is Emraan Hashmi's flat issue or Shabana Azmi, have we been fair to our own minority community?

He states, The world is looking at Muslims differently and yes, we need to dismantle this mindset.

Actor Shah Rkh Khan was detained for over two hours at the Newark airport, New Jersey. He was questioned and released after Indian embassy officials vouched for him. He was in the US to attend Independence Day celebrations. The star, who is currently filming for My Name is Khan, underwent "humiliating" questioning even as he told authorities he was an Indian celebrity. His bodyguards were also grilled.

Several Bollywood celebs are in the US for I-Day celebrations, including Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan.

Mika Angel-0 said...

2. The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East

The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East is a book published in 2005 by the award-winning English journalist Robert Fisk. The book is a compilation of many of the articles Fisk wrote when he was serving as a correspondent in the Middle East for The Times and The Independent. The book revolves around several key themes regarding the history of the modern Middle East: the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf War as well as the 2003 Iraq War as well as other regional conflicts such as the Armenian Genocide and the Algerian Civil War. The Great War for Civilisation is the second book Fisk has written about the Middle East with the first one, Pity the Nation, (Nation Books, 2002) being about the Lebanon Civil War.

Fisk's book details his travels to many of the hotspots of the Middle East, such as Iraq and Iran during the Iran–Iraq War, and his numerous interviews with both the country's leaders and its people. Along with these interviews, Fisk also provides much of the historical context to these conflicts.

In the book, Fisk criticizes the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom for what he perceives as their hypocritical and biased foreign policy towards the Middle East, especially in regard to the Arab-Israeli conflict and the 2003 Iraq War. He contends leaders of both countries deliberately misled the world about their motivations for invading Iraq in 2003.

The name of the book comes from a campaign medal Fisk's father was awarded for his services in the First World War...

Chapters 11-13. Fifty Thousand Miles from Palestine and the subsequent chapters The Last Colonial War and The Girl and the Child and Love are devoted to the Arab-Israeli conflict from the 1980s onward. The chapters deal with the deaths of civilians on both sides, suicide bombings and the Israeli government's military approach to the Palestinian issue. Much of these chapters also detail with media coverage of the conflict and the terms used by them to describe both sides, most notably the word "terrorist".

(there is a note -she was right - from my sister NAM: This a very useful book. I hope you will gain my insight into the Middle Eastern politics.)

3. War in a Time of Peace by David Halberstam

(Chapter 11; pg 107:
In the 1992 campaign Bill Clinton negotiated his way through the terrible detritus of his partially crippled party wth singular dexterity. It was as if he...had long ago mastered theility to defuse tensions in a warring and dysfunctional family - which most assuredly theDemocrats were.)

How is the world exactly post 9/11, post SubPrima 07, Tun Dr Mahathir? What could the Father Of The Dinar Emas do?

Terima Kasih.

Mika Angel-0 said...

Sdr Ruhanie Ahmad,

Mengapa 'pilihanraya umum' mengejut perlu diadakan?
Apakah ianya akan diadakan pada tahun depan?

terima kasih

Mika Angel-0 said...

Sdr Ruhanie,

Maaf terlalu heboh kita hari ini.
(Apa hal Che Det masih mengomel tentang mereka yang anti-PPSMI?)

Yang mahu disampaikan hanya puisi Sdr Yassin ini saya simpan dan akan saya hadiahkan kepada Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yang tak lama lagi akan jadi ahli UMNO tak berportfolio langsung, kalau penulisnya izinkan.

Ingatkan genggam bara api biar sampai jadi debu.

Mika Angel-0 said...

Sdr Ruhanie Ahmad,

Outgoing Ambassador Will Be Missed

JAKARTA, Aug 16 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian community in Indonesia bade farewell SUNday to the outgoing Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia Datuk Zainal Abidin Mohamed Zin and his wife Datin Robiah Jamaluddin.

After spending four years as the Malaysian top representative to Indonesia, he left Jakarta for Kuala Lumpur this afternoon and was sent off by officers from the embassy, ASEAN diplomats and officers from Indonesian Foreign Ministry.

Last night, the officers and staff of the Malaysian embassy organised a farewell reception for Zainal and his wife.

The embassy's Head of Chancellory, Raja Rezza Raja Zaib Shah said Zainal was among the best bosses he ever worked with.

"Although he can be very particular and tough in carrying out his duty, he is yet a friendly and considerate person," said Raja Rezza.

To the Malaysian students in Indonesia, Zainal is a father figure for them as he always wanted the best for the young generation.

"We will never forget his advice every time we meet, for encouraging us and sometimes push us to double our effort to strive in our studies," said Head of Malaysian Students Welfare Association (Jakarta branch) in Indonesia, Mohd Zailani Abd Shariff.

Zainal had first served in Indonesia in 1974 for three years and for the second posting in the country since 2005, which had taken him to various parts of Indonesia including Makassar, Sulawesi, Bali, Java and Sumatera.

sekiranya, anda berminat anda terpaksa berhenti mengikuti program sarjana ukm dalam kampus di bangi, bung; namun sememangnya Anifah sudah kenal mereka yang amat cocok bercengkerama dengan elit-elit wargakota Djarkarta.

very important post.

pakbelalang said...

Envoy to US will continue to attend party matters here at own cost

KUALA LUMPUR: Our new envoy to United States, Datuk Seri Dr Jamal­uddin Jarjis, has promised to pay for his own flights home to attend to his constituency and party matters.

The 58-year-old former science, technology and innovation minister, whose appointment has been questioned, also assured his constituents that he would come back from the US every two months to attend Parliament meetings.

Jamaluddin, who is also the fifth term MP for Rompin, pledged that only his official government trips home would be funded by taxpayers.

When contacted, Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman confirmed that Jamaluddin would pay the air fares for his trips to Kuala Lumpur from Washington.

“And I will be in constant touch from Washington. I will replicate the real world into the virtual world from there,” he said.

Speaking to reporters earlier in Rompin, Jamaluddin said he planned to convince US President Barack Obama to visit Malaysia in a move to further strengthen bilateral ties.

He said he would first arrange for a meeting betweeen Najib and Obama at the White House.


JJ's appointment as an envoy to US seems to be questioned by a lot of people including me.

I wonder whether Najib made the right decision to select him or maybe he has no choice because dah "termakan budi". I thought it would be better to have a career diplomat rather a politician to be an envoy to US.

JJ is trying to get Obama to visit Malaysia and is also arranging for Najib to visit the White House.

I hope he is not engaging lobbyists in Washington to arrange for the vist of both leaders to Malaysia and the White House and later on claim credit for it.

If really he has to utilise lobbyists, I hope the bills to be paid to the lobbyists do not cost a bomb.

IES Agencies said...

I answer KJ Mouthpiece, Malaysian Insider's questions who is a traitor...

read it here



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Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa Ramadhan 1430H

Amir Razain said...

Saya tak bberapa kenal. Apa2 pun, takziah buat keluarga allahyarham.
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