Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Bernama hari ini memetik Penasihat Undang-Undang UMNO, Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun, sebagai berkata bahawa ahli UMNO yang terlibat politik wang kini berdepan dengan hukuman Lembaga Disiplin parti dan tindakan undang-undang Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).

Baca berita sepenuhnya di sini:

Perhimpunan Agung UMNO Mac 2009 – dua bulan daripada sekarang. Apakah tindakan akan diputuskan sebelum itu? Bagaimana dengan desas-desus jerung UMNO tabor duit untuk dapatkan pencalonan bahagian tempoh hari? Sudahkah di siasat dan bilakah keputusannya? – Ruhanie Ahmad


Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Dato' masih percaya ke tukang karut UMNO...tolong backdated kes Tun..perwakilan disogok RM200 untuk tidak megnundi Tun.

Itu kes pertama yang ahli UMNo dan rakyat mahu menilai kesungguhan atau hipokrik berterusan Presiden UMNO.

Mika Angel-0 said...

Sdr Ruhanie Ahmad,

Kenangan Lama UMNO
(tentu tengku rithaudeen akur)

Bukan hanya Presiden UMNO atau semenanya kita ini tidak tahu hal dalaman UMNO sebenarnya atau sudah buta sebelah mata?

Bagaimana parti politik lain? Jangan fikir wang sahaja yang di gunakan dan kita hanya melompat katak kepanasan melaung kodok komedi 'politik wang' UMNO?

Janji kosong bagaimana, janji belakang hari macamana? Negara bebas korupsi!

Nah, mas, sekadar telahan sambil bersantai:

Tougher regulation call for peers
Pressure is growing for the House of Lords to impose tougher rules on peers who do paid consultancy work.

Tony Wright, chairman of the Commons public administration committee, said faith in the political process would be diminished without reform.

House of Lords leader Lady Royall has said tougher sanctions are needed.

On Monday, two of the Labour peers at the centre of claims they offered to help amend laws for up to £120,000 defended themselves in the Lords.

The four peers named in a Sunday Times story are former energy minister Lord Truscott; former defence minister Lord Moonie; Lord Taylor of Blackburn; and former Labour whip Lord Snape - all of whom deny any wrongdoing.

'Agreed framework'

The prime minister's official spokesman said Lady Royall had spoken about the situation at Tuesday's cabinet meeting, but it had not been a lengthy discussion.

Mr Wright said he believed Lords reform was vital and needed to happen within months, not years.

There had to be an "agreed framework" governing the relationship between lobbyists, peers and MPs.

"Unless the public can see who is lobbying whom about what, this kind of story will influence people's perceptions of lobbyists and politicians across the board and for the worse," Mr Wright said.

BBC political correspondent Norman Smith said, with reports claiming paid consultancy work is carried out by roughly one in five of the 743 members of the House of Lords, the row was likely to have profound effects on how it operated in future.

Liberal Democrat Lord Goodhart, a former member of the Committee for Standards in Public Life, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "What is permissible is giving advice on political issues."

But the allegations were that some peers were "going beyond advice and giving assistance".

Lord Goodhart added: "For the future it's important we get something in position to say we have serious sanctions to prevent members of the House of Lords from acting improperly."

On Monday in the Lords, Lord Snape stood up to "refute" the Sunday Times claims, while Lord Taylor of Blackburn apologised but said he felt he had followed the rules.

A recording was later released on the newspaper's website of Lord Taylor saying firms paid him up to £100,000 a year.

He tells an undercover reporter: "Some companies that I work with would pay me £100,000 a year."


When the reporter questions it, he adds: "That's cheap for what I do for them. And other companies would pay me £25,000."

Lords leader Lady Royall said a "rigorous" inquiry had already begun.

In a statement she called the claims "deeply shocking", but pointed out that they were only allegations at this stage but said the claims had been "damaging not just to this House but to Parliament and politics".

She said the matter had been referred to the Lords Interests sub-committee, which had already met, and investigations were under way.

Lady Royall said she believed "tougher sanctions" were needed to deal with peers who broke the rules - currently they cannot be suspended or expelled - and she had written to the chairman of the committee of privileges to ask him to review the matter.

If the peers were found guilty of having broken the rules, they could be required to apologise on the floor of the Lords, but cannot be expelled from Parliament or stripped of their titles.

The Sunday Times said its reporters had posed as lobbyists acting for a foreign client, who was setting up a chain of shops in the UK and wanted an exemption from the Business Rates Supplements Bill.

ADUN Bota Kiri lompat parti kenapa, mas? Apa itu bukan politik wang juga?

Sdr Kluangman,
Yang ada bukti mengatakan dia terima 200ringgit untuk undi calun-calun saperti tertera disenarai; sayangnya senarai itu tidak ada nama Che Det kita - apa boleh che det kata itu sogokan untuk tidak mengundinya? Pasti Che Det boleh tetapi apakah itu saja warna cerita?

Dan kenapa harus kita kata ada surah Mekkah dan surah Madinah, mas?)

abunawas said...

Dalam suasana dan keadaan yang serba-serbi mencurigakan apakah pendapat kuda-kepang bahawa pendakwaan yang mungkin timbul nanti merupakan bukan pendakwaan terpilih?

Pastinya harapan pencinta UMNO menggunung agar ini akan dapat membersihkan UMNO dari gejala rasuah politik serta membatu memulihkan image parti. Andainya ia dilihat pincang, mungkin ianya hanya akan mendorong lebih ramai lagi bertukar arah samada buat sementara waktu atau selama-lamanya atau hingga UMNO berjaya meyakinkan semula.

Mika Angel-0 said...

Sdr Ruhanie Ahmad,

Mari Belajar Bahasa Che Det786
(bahasa seorang negarawan melayu)

January 27, 2009 22:17 PM
Corruption Main Obstacle To Development Says Tun Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27 (Bernama) -- Corruption is the single most important obstruction to a nation's development, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

He said corruption was a social disease found all over the world and that no country was absolutely free from the menace and that in some nations, corruption had become institutionalised.

"And corruption is among the most difficult crimes to detect and even more difficult to gain conviction in courts of law. But corruption is the single most important obstruction to a country's development.

"Good decisions cannot be made and even bad decisions would face a lot of delays. In the end most of the investments for the development of the country just could not be made," he said his speech at the Global Competitive Forum at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The text of his speech, entitled "Sharing Malaysia's Experiance in Becoming A Competitive World Player", was made available to Bernama here.

The former prime minister pointed out that contractors for government projects were usually the principal victims of corruption and "just about anything which involves approvals by the authorities would be subjected to demands for illegal gratification."

"With corruption, cost must go up. How much it will go up cannot be ascertained. There is no rate for corruption and there is no certainty that after payments are made there will not be others who will demand for gratification.

"There is corruption in Malaysia, though it was still at the first stage during my time, that is, the corrupt officers still hid their acceptance because they feared being apprehended or they did not like doing wrong openly," said Dr Mahathir.

At this stage, he said it may still be possible to reduce corruption but when it reached the second stage, becoming part of the people's culture, and everyone, from the top to the bottom openly expect and accept bribes, little could be done to stop corruption.

However, he said corruption could be reduced although it cannot be prevented altogether.

"In Malaysia we insisted in shortening the process and the time for making decisions. This we did by introducing manuals of procedures for every type of work, by having work flow charts and desk files for every officer.

"If the time taken to approve or disapprove goes beyond that stipulated in the procedures we would be able to quickly know that something was wrong and we would know where the delay had taken place and the culprit involved," he added.

He said the result of this system was dramatic and suddenly the city of Kuala Lumpur grew, investments were approved, factories were built and all the infrastructure projects took off.

"Admittedly there was still some corruption but not to the extent that the development of the country could not take place or be grossly delayed," said Dr Mahathir.

Versi Bahasa Melayu

Unknown said...

SAlam ..Saya asa Dato harus perjelaskan isu UMNO kepada DAto Sri najb dengan segera. UMNO sudah takde nyawa . Hanya tinggal nyawa-nyawa ikan. Persepsi buruk mengenai UMNO terlampau teruk. Jika dato nak ubahkan Umno , pemimpin UMNO harus menyatakan kesilapan sendiri di media massa. Selagi UMNO bongkak dengan kenytaan sendiri dan tidak mahu menyalahkan diri maka rakyat akan meluat. Jangan sangka masa akan terbang begitu sahaja. Lihatlah sekarang rakyat tidak percaya langsung, berilah Pemimpin sehebat mana pun menjadi pemimipin UMNO sekarang, ia akan tetap mendapat perspektif buruk. Sikap tidak mahu memberi teguran pemimpin atasan menyebabkan ramai orang yang meluat. Sedangkan Khalifar Umar Ibn Khattab berani ditegur dan merubah. Saya yang seusia 29 tahun yang ingin masuk UMNO pun di sanggap oleh UMNO cawangan. Inilah UMNO , kerana ingingka kekalkan orang tua yang tahun menganguk sana sini. Yang mana lebih penting? Kewibawaan UMNO atau Pemimpin. Tunjukkan lah bahawa UMNO ini boleh ditegur dan dikritis. Takde guna kalau ada perhimpunan Agung UMNO jika kritikan hanya sebagai Ucapan. Saya Zahrein bin Yaacob , no HP 0122096051, berani mengatakan bahawa UMNO ini bacol. Saya sanggup mengatakan di media massa sbb saya adalah soerang yang mempunyai jati diri dan bukan mcm orang yang tua tak sedar diri akan jati diri. Mempunyai pengaruh tapi tak reti nak bicara. Saya berani katakan UMNO dah hancur. Sekian trima kasih.